Colchester, CT

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Levy's Grand View House 1931 Levy's Grand View House 1999
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View of Lake From Grand Lake Hotel, Colchester, Conn., 1931  
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The Old Ransom Store, Colchester, Conn.  Post Card with mark of Sep 1907.  


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Merchants Row, No. 2, Colchester, Conn.  Post Card with date written in on back of Dec 16th, 1906. Merchants Row, Colchester, CT., 2000.
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Main St., Colchester, CT., 1960's  
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Park and Main Street, Colchester Conn.  Post Card with post mark of Aug 27 ????. Park and Main Street, Colchester CT., 2000.

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Congregational Church, Colchester, Conn.  Established in 1703. Congregational Church, Colchester, CT., 2000.

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Bacon Academy.  Colchester, Conn.  Founded in 1803. Bacon Academy.  Colchester, CT., 2000.

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Dember's Hotel, Colchester, Conn.  

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Norwich Ave., Colchester, CT. 1938.  

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Colchester Falls., Colchester, CT.  Post card is post marked Mar 21, 1906..  
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"Gypsy," R.F.D., No.3, Colchester, Conn.  


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